João Bragança - Software Engineer

Professional Profile

  • Agile software developer with 18 years of professional development experience
  • Continually strives to acquire and improve knowledge base
  • Effective problem solver and big picture thinker
  • Able to grasp complex concepts and learn quickly
  • Dedicated, honest and hard working


  • Mastery of C#
  • Competent in many other languages, including JavaScript / Typescript, Ruby, Python, PHP
  • Docker
  • Cloud infrastructure: AWS, Terraform, Pulumi
  • Proficient in relational databases (MSSQL and MySQL), functional databases (EventStore), and document databases (RavenDB)
  • Message Queuing (RabbitMQ, MSMQ, Rhino Queues)
  • Adept at Test / Behavior Driven Development
  • Source Control: Git
  • Continuous Integration: TeamCity, Travis, GitHub Actions

Open Source Profile

SQL Stream Store

A stream store library for .NET that specifically targets SQL based implementations. Primarily used to implement Event Sourced applications. Built both the PostgreSQL and HTTP Providers.

SQL Stream Store Browser

Front end for SQL Stream Store. Consumes HAL and Json Hyper Schema from the HTTP provider. Uses ReactJS and Material UI.


The open-source, functional database with Complex Event Processing in JavaScript. Built the Embedded Client. This allows a program to run EventStore in process. Useful for Integration Testing or High Availbility.


Multiple contributions to several other OSS projects, including NancyFX, react-schema-form Projac, and RavenDB.

Work Experience

eVision Software

- Present

Cloud Operations Engineer

My responsibilities include monitoring production systems, architecting our cloud infrastructure, and automating as much as possible.

eVision Software


Senior Software Engineer

I worked on a product called ShiftVision. ShiftVision is a system that replaces a paper based logbook system with an electronic one. Built from the ground up using Domain Driven Design principles. In addition, I was responsible for several components to support the product, including a fully featured SCIM 2.0 implementation.

Performance Designed Products


Software Engineer

I took a lead role in multiple solution spaces, writing custom software for sales, operations and product development. There I collected requirements, and architected then implemented the system. I used the following technologies were used: SQL Server, C# 4.5, jQuery and knockout.js, EventStore, RabbitMQ. Each project was mobile ready by default (twitter bootstrap), and each project was RESTful, with both razor html views and JSON at each url. Finally, each project had an automatic, executable test specification.

Calisto Labs


Software Engineer (February 2011 - June 2012)

Served as lead software engineer on social networking site for the acting and entertainment community. Designed site architecture and implemented features. The site is deployed on Amazon EC2 using Rightscale to manage the instances.

Advantage Wound Care (March 2011 - July 2011)

Developed medical records management application: front end in Adobe Flex, back end in C# / WCF / NHibernate.

CSG HMS (July 2010 - March 2011)

Developed HVAC measurement validation application on top of ASP.NET MVC 2 and Rhino ESB.

Festa Express


Freelance employee for a party supply e-commerce web-site based on MonoRail, NHibernate, and jQuery. Fixed bugs and implemented feature requests as part of an on-line international team of C# software developers.

Cut and Sew Services


Developed e-commerce applications and tools using PHP/MySQL and C#/SQL Server. Maintained eBay presence of 700 to 1000 listings a week. Designed and supported customer web-sites. Trained employees and managed computer network. Provided accurate book-keeping. Prepared financial quarterly reports. Interfaced with local and international vendors, US Customs, customs brokers, and delivery personnel. Oversaw all facets of inventory cycle from purchasing to order fulfillment.